First Impressions / Review : SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream

Hello there! For my first post, I am most delighted to share with you my thoughts on this marvelous product ! It has no doubt been one of my favorites in my collection and I find myself reaching for this thing almost every day.


Before getting this product, I wanted to do a little bit of research about it. Unfortunately, there were very few reviews written on it. This makes me believe that it is not very popular compared to the other BB creams offered by SKIN79. However, I strongly believe that this product is worth more attention. Hence the review:)

When I first got it, I was slightly disappointed when I saw how pale the color was. I have a fairly light skin tone (NW25) but at first glance I knew the product was too light for me. Nevertheless, I decided to give it try since I had already gotten it. Here are some swatches!


As you can see, the color is very fair. Fortunately, after it oxidises, it looks just fine on me.

What it promises: Whitening, UV Interception SPF 45 PA+++ and Wrinkle Improvement

Umm… Right. Where do I begin. I’ve used this product for over 6 months and I don’t notice any improvement to my complexion at all. Personally, I don’t trust ANY claims made by make up products for the skin simply because they are supposed to hide imperfections, not to remove them or improve their condition. The fact that this product contains mucin doesn’t put me off at all.

Now, on to the formula itself. It smells quite pleasant and I actually… Like the scent of it? It is smells slightly floral and a teeny tiny bit powdery. The scent goes away after about 10 minutes of application. In some other reviews, I read that the scent of it puts some people off but I actually like it. Maybe it’s a psychological effect since this thing is supposed to contain “45% Korean Snail Secretion Filtrate” a.k.a snail mucin but like I said, the scent doesn’t stay on long so you are someone who’s sensitive to scents don’t worry! The cream itself is quite thick. Don’t expect a watery formula here. It provides very good coverage and lasts a good 8-10 hours on me depending on whether I set it with powder or not. With a product like this, you would expect to have a cake face after setting it with powder since it has a thick formula, but it blends in surprisingly well when worked into the skin with fingers/brushes. One setback is that it does require some time to blend the product in so this is not a product you can use when you are short of time, especially if you have a slightly darker skin tone.

The next thing I love about this product is the finish it gives. It applies slightly sticky but sets into a smooth dewy finish. It does give a bit of shine though since it does not set into a matte finish. Still, you can go a full day without having to set it if you don’t mind the slight shine. Compared to other BB creams that I’ve swatched, this one gives the best finish when it sets. Other BB creams rarely sit nicely on my skin. Most of them stay as a layer on my skin which is what I HATE because it’ll melt off under the sweltering heat. This is one of the few which actually sets nicely INTO my skin sort of like how a moisturizer and some foundations do. Making it feel as though I have a very light foundation on and not a thick BB cream.

As for pricing, I believe you can get a full size of this on GMarket for under $24 which is still within the ‘affordable’ range. The full-sized contains 40g of product which makes it even more affordable compared to the Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier ( 20ml for $15.90-$18.90 depending on where you get it). I have not seen this being sold with the regular range of BB creams at Watsons though, maybe because it doesn’t want to take the risk of bringing a product like this in since it contains mucin and may not be too popular among the public.

PROS: Smells pleasant, sits well on skin, sets with a smooth velvety finish, good coverage

CONS: Not suitable for medium to dark skin tones

OVERALL RATING: 7/10 ( three points off for

Have any questions about this product or any opinions to share? Leave a comment below 🙂


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