First Impressions/ Review: Real Techniques Core Collection by Samantha Chapman


I’ve been using these Brushes for over 5 months now and I love them! I’m sure you all are familiar with these right? I’m a huge fan of Pixiwoo and just had to get this set when it came out. I got this set from a seller on GMarket for $36 but undertwenty-20 sells them as well at $32 with free normail postage! Buying the set at $32 would mean that each brush is only $8!!!! Not including the 2-in-1 case + stand that you will receive with it. The set is extremely worth it and I’ve used them every day since I have gotten them. Now, for the individual brushes!


This is the Pointed Foundation Brush. when I first saw it I thought it was very oddly sized. It looked too small/narrow to apply liquid foundation with but i reasoned that they were trying to make each brush do as many things as possible so this would be able to apply foundation on smaller areas and concealer on larger areas. So its sort of 2-in-1. Well, I wished they just made it a little bit bigger so that I can cover more with fewer strokes. Complaints aside, before getting this brush, I thought I would NEVER have a use for a foundation brush since i don’t use foundation and prefer applying BB cream with just my fingers but this brush totally sold me. My BB cream applies much less streakier and blends in much faster with a blending brush due to even application.


I was a bit upset that the bristles of the brush were a bit shorter than i had expected o it was not exactly ideal for powder. But since the name of the brush is buffing brush, I suppose its more ideal for blending. Real techniques claimed that this brush could be used to apply powder, but I beg to differ. The brush bristles are slightly too short and dense offering more control. Not exactly what I would use to dust powder all over my face since you will more likely end up with patches of powder since the brush is small. Still this brush makes an amazing blending brush so if you’re looking for something to apply powder with, go for their multi-purpose brush or powder brush.


This is the contour brush and is what I use to apply my blush regularly. It’s amazing for working with more pigmented blushes because it doesn’t pick up much product if you gently swirl in the product because the very rounded edge it has. Most of the time, a gentle swirl without tapping will give my cheeks about as much blush as a clown would have on his face but this brush is just perfect. Its intended use is for contouring but I much prefer my angled blush brush to do that job for me since this brush is rounded and not angled.


This is without doubt my favorite of the bunch! it is the detailer brush and allows me to apply concealer right under my eyes (where I need it most!) . It is so small and it has a rounded edge allowing me to apply concealer right under my lash line where most of the darkness is! previously I had trouble concealing those circles but this brush has allowed me to do just that.


It comes with an amazing price tag and you will find a use for all the brushes that come with it. I think it is aptly named the Core Collection because any beginner will find all they need to apply their face make up. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who already has an extensive brush collection since these brushes do not really have specific uses. Real techniques had intended for them to be multi purpose brushes. When a brush is intended to do the job of two or more brushes, they will be able to do the tasks of those brushes equally well, thus they won’t be perfect for a specific task. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense to you guys. The bottom line is, if you’re a beginner who’s looking for a good affordable face make up set to start off your collection with, this is for you. If you already have an extensive collection, this set may only be able to serve you well as a travel set.

I hope this review has been helpful! Questions? Comments? Leave them down below! 🙂


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